Read what parents of students at our school have to say about our lessons and programs…

Dean and Amy SarichLessons

Our children have attended HOC for approximately 4 years. In this time we have had the good fortune of working with many of the amazing staff at HOC. . . Derek and his amazing and inspiring guitar stylings. Andy and Murph working tirelessly on the drums with our younger son to help him keep up to his older brother’s guitar progression. Last but definitely not least, Matt our super cool band instructor that somehow managed to teach a group of pre-teen kids an amazing set of classic rock, contemporary hits and punk standards that wows crowd wherever they perform. . . “those kids are how old???” So. . . you are probably asking if it is the right place for you. . or more than likely your children….. the answer is yes! We have personally recommended HOC to many of our close friends and we urge you to give it a try, the confidence, camaraderie and personal satisfaction that HOC provides our kids is priceless. Rock On HOC!

Dawn PickeringLessons

It all started when my 10 year old active son broke his leg. Determined that he not make a career out of video game playing, I asked him what instrument he would like to play. He immediately said bass guitar. After asking a few friends if they recommended a place for music lessons, a strong theme emerged and here he is, over 4 years later, in a band, still taking lessons, and being moved up to the advanced music class in school. House of Chords is managed in a professional way, with clear communication of the very fair policies and procedures. My son is a rep hockey player so sometimes scheduling is a challenge, but Eddie (the owner) is very patient and accommodating. Their method of instruction is unique and fun with the students choosing the songs to work on (if they wish ­ the instructors also have expert suggestions). The instructors are amazing! They are all friendly, professional, fun, devoted, energetic, reliable, and excellent role models. The benefits of music on the young (and not so young) mind is well researched and documented, but the joy and enthusiasm shown by my son is all of the evidence I need to continue to wholeheartedly and sincerely support and recommend House of Chords

A. SavardLessons

We chose House of Chords based on their reputation for great service & authenticity. My twins are both extremely shy and were super nervous to start. Eddie and his amazing staff made the experience comforting & impacting for my kids from the first class. Also, the studios ability to match out family¹s crazy schedule was a huge bonus! We are hooked!

John McLeodLessons

Around 7 years ago we were looking for a music school to send Gavin to. He seemed to have some natural musical ability and we were looking for the right place to send him. Over the next few years we would try out three different local music schools but ended up leaving each one for a variety of reasons. The first place shut it’s doors in the middle of the night, the second one had a problem with staffing and the third one had a creepy vibe. Our fourth and final stop would be at RTW Milton and ultimately House of Chords. We initially approached with low expectations based on past experience but our opinions would quickly change. This place had a super cool feel to it and the owner was genuinely interested in providing a friendly and stable environment for our son to learn music?!? It seemed too good to be true but it wasn’t. His first instructor Derek McGowan is a tremendous guitar player and an even better person. His positive influence on Gavin will be everlasting. Fast forward a few years and Gavin is still going twice a week to his home away from home. Once during the week for a guitar lesson with Matt and then back again on the weekend for band rehearsal. Eddie understands that it’s not enough to simply open a business and then expect people to come. His success comes from a passion and dedication to the business and to ensuring the highest level of service to his clients.

Cathy GordonLessons

Under Eddie’s direction, this amazing staff has allowed our kids to achieve great success with their music education, more than we had ever expected. But that’s not what keeps us coming back. This unbelievable staff becomes like family. Each week we are greeted by familiar faces, like old friends that you look forward to catching up with. They inspire our kids to work hard at their craft, but also to give back to the world around us by providing them opportunities to perform at great community events in and around Milton. Thank you Eddie!

Gerald HinatsuBand Program

My daughter Ela has been with the school now for a number of years in the GUITAR PROGRAM as well as the BAND PROGRAM. The GUITAR lessons as instructed by DEREK McGOWAN have given my daughter the confidence and skills to basically look life in the eye with the knowledge and ability that she can play beautiful sounds and rock and roll on an instrument having no idea of what can be accomplished with the right guidance when she first started.He teaches with a passion and a joy of watching kids and adults become accomplished musicians and knowing that they will take the skills learned and pass them on to their own kids and grandkids and future generations of musicians. His legacy will carry on in the sounds they play to themselves or on stage. The sounds they play will be DEREKS voice telling them they can play anything and those sounds will carry far and worldwide. The BAND PROGRAM as instructed by MATT BOUDREAU was an inspiration from the get go. Our daughter joined a band in progress that morphed into PUNK CADILLAC, placing her with students that not only showed the schools’ ability to match fellow students in age and skill level, an asset, when starting a band and having that band reach a level of ability to perform live at various venues within the Halton District but as well creating life long friendships that will outlast their time at the school. Hopefully one day when it is all said and done they will run into each other on the street and have a Jam. MATT is one hell of a band director. His choice of songs not only creates an atmosphere of success but when the kids play live he can sit back and take pride like a new father in that he can say that band or this band is his baby and like kids taking their first steps ,come off the stage with an “I JUST KICKED SOME MAJOR BUTT” attitude and year after year it just gets better. The looks on the kids and parents faces tell it all when watching these shows and performing the set list LIVE created by MATT and the kids. HOUSE of CHORDS has many venues throughout the year in which the kids perform LIVE and show off their skills and they are life changing and memorable. Check out PUNK CADILLAC on YOU TUBE. The shows were organized by HOUSE of CHORDS. THANKS EDDIE/DEREK/MATT

Nicole CurrieDrums

My son has been drumming at House of Chords under the tutelage of Murph for 3 years and loves it!House of Chords is a cool environment for kids to learn music. My son doesn’t even call it lessons! He learns new pieces all the time, and this keeps it fresh and fun for him. I never here “I’m bored”, and this is one activity he never wants to skip. We give House of Chords two drum sticks up!

Joelle MiddletonLessons

Our son has been going to the centre for over 2 years now and faithfully comes out of every session with a smile on his face. Matt knows how to push him when it’s time to grow outside his comfort zone. He’s taught him there’s more than just one genre of music and he doesn’t have to be as good as his guitar idol . He’s learning to work hard and be the best “HE” can be!!

Shawn EllsworthLessons / Band Program

Before House of Chords, we had tried a couple of other places which didn't really fit. After we enrolled Elizabeth at House of Chords, we never looked back. She started with vocal and guitar lessons and then moved into the band program. We watched as our daughter's skills and confidence developed thanks to their great instructors who catered lessons to her interests. Over the years the school also provided many opportunities to perform as a solo artist and a member of the band program at events in the Milton area (and beyond). Thank you House of Chords!